ZiBond® Direct Wafer Bonding Technology

Ziptronix is the only company with patented technology enabling low temperature, direct non-adhesive wafer-to-wafer and die-to-wafer bonding for a wide variety of semiconductor materials. The proprietary ZiBond® process enables the bonding of multiple materials in previously impossible combinations by using a very thin layer of materials such as silicon oxide or nitride to facilitate direct bonding. Since high bond energy is achieved at the temperature wafers or die are placed into contact, stresses resulting from the bond process are minimized as opposed to thermal or anodic bonding methods. The mechanical wafer preparation is based on a standard chemical-mechanical polish, which then enables many material combinations to be bonded with, for example, a thin layer of silicon oxide or nitride on one or both surfaces. The spectrum of possibilities includes combinations from silicon-to-silicon, germanium, indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, quartz, and others. The resulting bond strength typically exceeds the fracture strength of the bonded bulk materials. Ziptronix technology can immediately produce custom wafers and substrates tailored to specific thermal characteristics or other process requirements.  To learn more about how our ZiBond® technology can benefit your process, contact Ziptronix at info@ziptronix.com

Bonding Method
Hermetic Room-temperature Wafer-to-wafer Die-to-wafer Multi-die integration Standard processing thru bond interface Stress-free
Thermal Fusion