Tessera to Acquire Ziptronix, Inc. for $39 Million

Ziptronix 3D IC Technology is Affordable, Scalable, and Patented

Ziptronix, the leader in developing next-generation semiconductor integration strategies and processes, makes tomorrow’s high performance IC applications available today. Based on the patented low temperature wafer bonding process, ZiBond® technology and Direct Bond Interconnect, DBI® technology, enable 3D architectures with the smallest footprint and volumetric size of any 3D technologies available. DBI® technology when used to interconnect structures, can further improve performance, increases density, and help to improve device yield (when compared to CuTC), all while providing the lowest cost high density interconnected wafer stacking solution. Backed by the most advanced 3D technologies available, Ziptronix is your 3D IC partner today and for the future.